Pay what you want, support charity and get amusing cross-platform games. This is the slogan Humble Bundle uses to promote their website. And we must say, it works.

Humble Bundle allows you to pay what you want to enjoy their games. Providing new games every week. You can go as low as $1,- on these bundles. Each containing 6/8 games. And if you decide to pay more than the average person you even get a newer game. (Last week you were able to get titles like Alan Wake!). This week the site is all about the Indie Bundle 8 and the chaotic shooter Serious Sam.

There isn’t much to say more about this awesome site. Just go check it out grab your bundle and sure to pay more than the average person, which is $4,32 to get Serious Sam 3 extra. While you are on it you even can decide who gets your money. The game developers, the charity they support of a tip for the site itself.


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