We are there guys! Virtual reality gaming is finally here in its full glory. For years we dreamed about not only playing a game, but being able to step into it, feel it and touch it. Well soon we can. Virtual reality gaming is getting closer everyday for the average gamer and today we are going to show you guys 3 new products that will greatly help with this. Allowing us to get immersed in the world, walk in it and not only get the feedback by controller, sound or view but also with our whole body!

Together these three product will form the ultimate VR experience every gamer can only dream about. Be sure to check them out all three, and back the Pre-orders and Kickstarter projects they are running to take your game rig to the next level!

The Oculus Rift – Open your eyes for the first time

The Omni – Let’s go for a walk

ARAIG – Better dodge those bullets

Pre-order them here:
The Oculus Rift
The Omni


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