Ow Blizzard, how do we love your games. World of warcraft, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo. You are probably familiar with every one of them. But a while ago Blizzard announced an interesting new concept called Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Heartstone will be a free-to-play strategy card game. For those familiar with their games you will directly see this will be a game out their comfort zone. But they developers ensured us  the game will live up to the epic standards they got famous with, only smaller in size. “They want to use their passion for something fun”
Check out their gameplay trailer and read more about the game down below

Currently there is no release date set for this game but they are working on it with a small team, that are all multi talented and able to develop more aspects of the game. But so far we must say, the game looks good. As passionate Blizzard fans we immediately recognized the art style, characters and hero units. Same goes for the lore around them. This is definitely something the veterans among this franchise will appreciate besides their hardcore games. And a game the new players can use as a step-up. So there is for everyone something.

The game itself:
The game will consist of 9 hero units to chose from and comes with three play modes. The normal play mode:
Play random vs other people online. A practice mode, learn your hero and deck vs a normal AI. For they hardened players there is also an expert AI. And the last mode is the Forge: Which allows you to random select cards for your deck with certain values and will place you against a random player with these same end values. Allowing it to be a fair and square matchup. If this will be the best way battle versus other people is not sure, but it definitely allows you to spice things up once in a while.

A card game would not be a good one if you couldn’t customize your cards for a personal deck to own other people. So we were pleased to hear that this will also be a feature. Allowing you to optimize your game style and get the most out of your custom deck.

All in all we think Hearthstone is a breeze of fresh air in the Blizzard franchise that thus far impressed us. Coming up with some great features and a fun to play game we think. Now if they only would announce a concrete release date…
Interested? Check out their official Battle.net website for more information and a Beta Sign-Up.


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