Sandy Petersen is back! This time with a board game called Cthulhu Wars. For the people who don’t know who Petersen is, titles like Doom, Age of empires, Quake, Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu should sum his life up rather good. But now he is here for us, with his Kickstarter project.

Creating a massive board game that immediately reminds us of games like Risk it is indeed a fast  moving strategy game. Allowing you to take control of Cthulhu himself or the other spices. Moving them over the board  with 60 detailed figures, that are already a masterwork on their own, you try to take over the gates of your opponents. The game movie explanation already shows us some beautiful design and interesting gameplay. The project already reached its goal by miles, so be sure to pick up a set yourself and get all the extra’s. So you and your friends can soon enjoy yourselves without the computer screen for once, but still participate in epic battles! Check out everything here and if you can’t get enough of this game, he is an extra interview with Sandy Petersen about his creation.



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